Jun 20, 2022

MRNA treatment repairs mouse hearts to “near normal” after heart attack

Posted by in category: biotech/medical

Researchers at the University of Houston have demonstrated a new technique for helping heart cells regenerate after a heart attack, using mRNA to return the cells to a stem-cell-like state. Tests in mice showed drastic improvements to heart function a month after a heart attack.

Unlike most tissues in the body, heart cells have a limited ability to regenerate after injury. That’s a big part of why heart attacks are so deadly – afterwards, non-beating scar tissue forms instead, which can lead to further attacks and eventually heart failure.

In recent years, scientists have been investigating how to repair broken hearts by regenerating the cells, with some success seen using placental stem cells, reprogramming structural cells into ones that beat, or using stem cell messengers to induce the heart to self-repair. Others have identified transcription factors that can get heart cells to begin replicating again.

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