Jun 29, 2022

Novel construction system uses acoustic levitation to assemble parts

Posted by in categories: computing, particle physics

LeviPrint is a system that uses acoustic manipulation for assembling objects without physical contact. It generates acoustic fields that trap small particles, glue droplets and elongated stick-like elements that can be manipulated and reoriented as they are levitated. It is a fully functional system for manufacturing 3D structures using contactless manipulation.

It was developed by researchers from the UPNA/NUP-Public University of Navarre Asier Marzo and Iñigo Ezcurdia, who together with Rafael Morales (Ultraleap Ltd, UK) and Marco Andrade (University of São Paulo, Brazil) are authors of the paper “LeviPrint: Contactless Fabrication using Full Acoustic Trapping of Elongated Parts.”

This research is due to be presented in August in Vancouver (Canada) at SIGGRAPH, a conference on and where companies such as Nvidia, Disney Research and Facebook Reality Labs present their work.

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