Jun 12, 2022

Tesla Fact vs. Fiction: Why the Public Perception is Wrong

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Why the Public Perception of Tesla is TOTALLY wrong:

Shared by Michael Michalchik.

Almost everything commonly told about Tesla is wrong! He didn’t invent AC, he didn’t battle Edison over AC vs. DC, he didn’t even have a rivalry with Edison, he didn’t want to give everyone free electricity and he wasn’t a Physics genius! Referencing primary sources I can show you why we have such a perverted view of Tesla’s real accomplishments and life.

If you want to read this as an article (with lots of references) click here:

I have a lot of videos about different elements in the history of electricity, including:

Faraday discovering induction https://youtu.be/MpjoGC-Prks.
The invention of generators: https://youtu.be/zzL_9aGBQ2I
Edison creating the light bulb empire: https://youtu.be/jsr8MCI3KOA
The AC/DC war: https://youtu.be/RMxvhUEPJ1k.
Hertz discovering radio: https://youtu.be/E46ZU2rsupA
The Discovery of the Tesla Coil & How it Works: https://youtu.be/IN9jb3fzZd0
Marconi Creating a Wireless Empire: https://youtu.be/dc41FCzeZNw.

The lovely modern tesla coil movie comes with permission from Greg at http://hotstreamer.deanostoybox.com/greg/frames.htm He has some great advice if you are crazy enough to try to make some of these machines yourself.
And, as always, thanks to Kim Nalley for the great music.

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