Jun 2, 2022

The $93-billion plan to put astronauts back on the Moon

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Returning to the Moon will represent a vital step for the preservation of our collective future. Though space colonization may indeed prove more challenging than was initially anticipated, the rise of commercial spaceflight and the cooperation of industry and government (as described in this article) may open new doors. It is my hope that economic and policy innovations will further incentivize space colonization and pave the way towards a future where everything we are and everything we will be can continue to prosper into distant tomorrows. As a synthetic biologist, I hope to contribute towards ensuring that humans can thrive in space and on other worlds. I am extremely excited about these contemporary Moon missions!

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The world’s most powerful rocket will make a trip around the Moon in 2022 — a step towards landing people there in 2025, and part of the US Artemis programme.

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