Jun 28, 2022

Your liver is always less than three years old or younger

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Researchers have discovered that the human liver never ages beyond just three years old, no matter how old an individual is.

The liver is an amazing organ. Not only is it capable of regenerating itself to repair damage from toxins, like alcohol, but the liver apparently never ages, either.

According to new research, the liver is almost always just under three years old. The concept of liver age has been a medical conundrum for decades. Studying animal livers has yet to offer any kind of answer, so scientists with TU Dresden looked at human livers to try to discern more about our body’s filter.

An international team of scientists at TU Dresden analyzed the livers of multiple individuals between the age of 20 and 84. Every individual’s liver cells showed that they were roughly the same age. “No matter if you are 20 or 84, your liver stays on average just under three years old,” Dr. Olaf Bergmann, lead researcher on the study, explained in a release.

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