Jul 3, 2022

Force Fields

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Force fields are a staple of science fiction, but usually regarded as only science fiction, not science fact. Today we’ll examine the notion and see what options we might have inside known science, as well as what alternatives might achieve similar effects.

See Hydrodynamic levitation at Cody’s Lab:

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Graphics Team:
Edward Nardella.
Jarred Eagley.
Justin Dixon.
Katie Byrne.
Misho Yordanov.
Murat Mamkegh.
Pierre Demet.
Sergio Botero.
Stefan Blandin.

Script Editing:
Andy Popescu.
Connor Hogan.
Edward Nardella.
Eustratius Graham.
Gregory Leal.
Jefferson Eagley.
Luca de Rosa.
Michael Gusevsky.
Mitch Armstrong.
Naomi Kern.
Philip Baldock.
Sigmund Kopperud.
Steve Cardon.
Tiffany Penner.

Markus Junnikkala, “Leaving the Galaxy“
AJ Prasad, “Staring Through“
Lombus, “Amino”

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