Jul 25, 2022

New Graphene Electronic Tattoos Kickstart Healthcare Electronics 2.0

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Graphene electronic tattoos are unique devices used in healthcare systems for personalized applications. Monolayered graphene electronic tattoos are used to monitor different electrophysiological signals in humans. Despite their innovative functionality, these devices suffer from an impermeability to sweat and difficulties in reproducibility.

Study: Graphene electronic tattoos 2.0 with enhanced performance, breathability and robustness. Image Credit: Tex vector/Shutterstock.com.

In an article recently published in the journal npj 2D Materials and Applications, an enhanced version of graphene electronic tattoos was introduced. This update is wearable on the skin with sweat permeability, superior electrical properties, and robustness. While the older systems suffered scattered electrical properties due to growth or transfer-related discrepancies, the reported graphene electronic tattoos with graphene nanoscrolls (GNS) or multilayered graphene structures showed enhanced properties.

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