Jul 22, 2022

The problem of induced voltages in control cables in high voltage substations

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Cabling in power substations is very important due to the fact that they are the longest parts of a system and therefore act as efficient antennas that pickup and or radiate noise. In HV substations, there are different kinds of conductors close to one another, such as high voltage buses, CTs, VTs, carrier couplers, bushing, control cables, substation ground conductors, and equipment ground connections.

The control cables are used to carry potential transformer outputs, current transformer outputs, circuit breaker control signals, relaying, and other communication signals. Increasingly, electronic equipment is used in switchyards and control houses.

The induced voltage produced inside a substation can couple into low voltage control cables and electronic equipment unless it is suitably protected. Parallel conductors exhibit both mutual inductance and capacitance.

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