Jul 17, 2022

The true size and power of James Webb Space Telescope’s new guide camera(FGS) deep field image. [8k]

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The recent James Webb Space Telescope(JWST) guide camera’s test image looks really similar to Hubble’s deep fields, which are my favorite. I decided to take a long exposure to the same target to see what my telescope can see and compare it to JWST’s image. I found one really faint galaxy 26–32 million light-years away, and a cute planetary nebula called Abell 39, pause and see if you can find it in my image.

- Scope: Celestron RASA 8.
- Mount: Ioptron cem40.
- Camera: ZWO ASI183mm pro.
- Guide scope: ZWO mini120mm.
- Guide Camera: ZWO ASI224mc.
- Filter: Astronomik MaxFR 12nm Ha filter.

NASA article: https://www.nasa.gov/image-feature/countdown-to-the-webb-telescopes-first-images.

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Epic music: Omega by Scott Buckley.
Scott Buckley is an amazing musician, check out his work:

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