Jul 9, 2022

Top 10 Weirdest Programming Languages in Use in 2022

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Programmers need a useful and reliable programming language to use for coding purposes to offer seamless applications. How many programmers do you know to use a weird coding language for applications? Yes, there are multiple weirdest programming languages for programmers with some of the unique features to be a coding language. The use of a weird coding language is not trending in multiple reputed tech companies, but the programming language is useful if programmers want to enhance their portfolios. Let’s dive into the top ten weirdest programming languages for programmers to use as a coding language in 2022 for seamless applications.

Whitespace is one of the top ten weirdest programming languages for programmers with a reference to whitespace characters. The coding language is an imperative stack-based language with only space, tabs, and linefeeds that have meaning. The code in the weird coding language is written as an IMP (Instruction Modification Parameter).

Befunge is a weird coding language as well as one of the oldest and most-famous 2-D coding languages. Befunge-93 is known for specifying multiple sets of commands with unusual syntax to create programmes. One of the weirdest programming languages processes the input string character-by-character. It uses a unique data model and instruction set to perform computations on a coordinate grid.

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