Jul 27, 2022

Watch: 🤖 🤖 Will AI become an “existential threat?”

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What does the future of AI look like? Let’s try out some AI software that’s readily available for consumers and see how it holds up against the human brain.

🦾 AI can outperform humans. But at what cost? 👉 👉 https://cybernews.com/editorial/ai-can-outperform-humans-but-at-what-cost/

Whether you welcome our new AI overlords with open arms, or you’re a little terrified about what an AI future may look like, many say it’s not really a question of ‘if,’ but more of a question of ‘when.’

Okay, you’ve got AI technologies on a small scale to a grand scale. From Siri — self-driving cars, text generators — humanoid robots, but what really is the real threat? As far back as 2013, Oxford University (ironically) used a machine-learning algorithm to determine whether 702 different jobs throughout America could turn automated, this found that a whopping 47% could in fact be replaced by machines.

A huge concern that comes alongside this is whether the technology will be reliable enough? We’re already seeing AI technology in countless professions, most recently the boom of AI generated-text used in over 300 different apps. It’s even used beyond this planet, out in space. If anything, this is a rude awakening for the future potential of AI technology, outside of the industrial market.

🦾 Do humans stand a chance against AI technology?
Whilst these technologies aren’t the most ground-breaking in terms of what’s to come and what AI alarmists often have to say on the matter. Undoubtedly, it’s a small glimpse into what consumers can access now. Truth be told, AI can perform some tasks better than humans, and the possibilities of this technology are pretty endless but does that outweigh the risks?

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