Aug 2, 2022

A new tiny robot can lift a thousand times its own weight with artificial muscles

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Dubbed GRACE, the robot hand can even bend fingers and make realistic human movements.

Scientists have developed a new type of artificial muscle that can lift 1,000 times its own weight * 3D actuators were combined to form a real-life robot hand that could lift 8kg * The high-strength properties could be applied to create higher capabilities in other body parts and a range of devices.

A team of researchers from the Italian Institute of Technology has just developed a new class of high-strength artificial muscles that can stretch and contract like a human muscle in a way that has never been done before. According to a recent research paper, the muscles perform with a level of versatility and grace closely matched to life-like movements, and provide a boost in the development of three-dimensional functional devices such as artificial body parts. class of strong pneumatic artificial muscles has been developed and combined to form a robot hand that can lift up to thousand times its own weight.

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