Aug 3, 2022

AI Dungeon, a text-based quest where a powerful AI makes up your adventure on the go, has been released on Steam

Posted by in category: robotics/AI

AI Dungeon project first became available in December 2019 and attracted attention due to its advanced artificial intelligence — it generated coherent text adventures, where you could perform any action by typing it in the input window. Now AI Dungeon has appeared on Steam.

The gameplay looks like 1970s text quests: you’re told what’s going on, and you write what you’re going to do. But while the 1970s quests only accepted tightly constrained answers, AI Dungeon tries to adjust by all means what you type in. You only have to specify the type of input: action, word, or event.

AI Dungeon also allows you to generate a world, fill it with details of your choice, or dive into the worlds of other players. In addition, you can control the progress of an incident: force II to create a paragraph again or even rewrite it completely by hand. Occurrences allow you to go through with your friends.

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