Aug 3, 2022

Combat Environment Simulation Is Crucial for Future Conflicts

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Imagine knowing the future. Being able to predict what’s going to happen next. It feels that this concept is merely a dream, but in reality, this dream is underway. Modeling and simulation, data analytics, AI and machine learning, distributed systems, social dynamics and human behavior simulation are fast becoming the go-to tools, and their qualities could offer significant advantages for the battlespace of tomorrow.

According to army-technology.com, London-based technology provider Improbable has been working closely with the UK Ministry of Defense (MoD) since 2018 to explore the utility of synthetic environments (SEs) for tactical training and operational and strategic planning. At the core of this work is Skyral, a platform that supports an ecosystem of industry and academia enabling the fast construction of new SEs for almost any scenario using digital entities, algorithms, AI, historic and real-time data.

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