Aug 24, 2022

Company’s 3D microchip gives mechanistic insights into human brain

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Diseases such as Alzheimer’s and epilepsy will be easier to detect.

A 3D microchip made by a Swiss company will allow scientists to study the complexity of 3D cellular networks. This 3D chip will help to observe complex structures such as the human brain, according to a report published by Labiotech.eu.

Understanding how organs form and how their cells behave is essential to finding the causes and treatment for developmental disorders, as well as understanding certain diseases, said 3Brain.

A microchip that allows scientists to study the complexity of 3D cellular networks at unrivaled scale and precision has been added to 3Brain AG’s brain-on-chip portfolio.

In collaboration with Swiss precision manufacturing experts, CSEM, 3Brain AG made the announcement today (August 22).

The cell-electronic interface technology will also allow scientists to gain novel mechanistic insights into the inner workings of the most complex structure in the universe, the human brain.

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