Aug 4, 2022

Longevity sirtuin clinical trial teases promising results

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New York’s Gorbunova Aging Research Center team is encouraged by frailty results from SIRT6 activator trial.

SIRT6, the so-called “longevity sirtuin” has been making rather a name for itself.

SIRT6 is a protein with an important job. It is vital for both normal base excision repair and double-strand break repair of DNA damage – damage that can lead to genomic instability, which ultimately contributing to aging. These repairs decline with age but can be boosted with SIRT6 [1].

But SIRT6 has another string to its longevity bow; back in 2019, Vera Gorbunova, professor of biology at the University of Rochester, and her team, demonstrated an overexpression of SIRT6 protein leads to extended lifespan. The researchers also showed that the opposite is also true – a deficiency in SIRT6 can cause premature aging [2].

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