Aug 6, 2022

Natasha Vita-More — Transhumanism, Life Extension & Cryonics

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https://www.timventura.com — Dr. Natasha Vita-More discusses transhumanism, human augmentation, life extension, and cryopreservation, and provides valuable insights into the latest medical advances empowering body augmentation & super-longevity in humans.

Our interview begins with a philosophical discussion of transhumanism, including what it is and why this emerging community is growing so rapidly — as it is driven forward by rapid advances in medical technology and an aging boomer population.

We also discuss the work of Dr. David Sinclair, Liz Parrish and Bioviva Sciences, Alcor, and a collection of notable authors, thinkers, and scientists pushing the boundaries of what it means to be human in the 21st century.

Dr. Natasha Vita-More is a pioneering leader and community organizer in transhumanism, and a proponent of human rights, morphological freedom, and ethical means for human enhancement.

Called an “early adapter of revolutionary changes” by Wired Magazine and a “role model for superlongevity” by the Village Voice, Natasha is the Founder of the H+DAO—the first transhumanist decentralized autonomous organization, is the current Executive Director of Humanity+, has served as president of the Extropy Institute, is on the Scientific Board of Lifespan.io, is Distinguished Senior Fellow at Future of Mind Institute at FAU. As a scientist, she achieved a scientific breakthrough in vitrification and long-term memory.

Natasha holds a PhD from the University of Plymouth. Here dissertation covers the theory and practice of life extension. She also holds a Master of Philosophy and a Master of Science degrees. She is Retired Senior Professor at UAT, and has lectured at Harvard, Stanford, Virginia Commonwealth, Cambridge, Aalto and Polytechnic universities, and was a visiting Scholar at 21st Century Medicine.


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