Aug 2, 2022

Robot realized itself and learned to use its body for the first time | High Tech News

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You are on the PRO Robots channel and today we present you with some high-tech news. The first robot with self-awareness, a new breakthrough in the creation of general artificial intelligence, evolving robots, a Japanese home for a space colony, an unexpected turn in the fate of XPENG Robotics and other news from the world of high technology in one issue! Let’s roll!

0:00 In this video.
0:24 The first robot with self-awareness.
1:18 The first orbital flight of a prototype Starship.
1:56 PLATO algorithm.
3:00 New robot learning system.
3:53 Electronic skin for robots.
4:30 XPENG Robotics four-legged robot.
5:09 Artificial gravity architecture.
6:06 Project LINA — Lunar Outpost.
7:06 Electronic glove with suction cups.
7:52 Suspended system in a thermovacuum chamber.
8:28 Network of underground tunnels for unmanned cargo delivery.
9:29 Mass layoffs at Pudu Robotics.
10:12 Virtual organisms.
10:49 Engineers taught robotic arms to react unpredictably to dancers’ movements and music.
11:13 Quokka Robotics Cafe.
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