Aug 16, 2022

Russia reportedly lost at least 7 warplanes in Crimean airbase attack

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The Ukraine army had a few satellite images to share.

A Russian airbase in Crimea was recently attacked Russia initially downplayed the attack It has now been revealed that at least 7 aircraft were destroyed, and significant damage to the base also inflicted.

Recently released satellite photographs show as many as 7 warplanes were destroyed at a Russian airfield in Crimea on Tuesday. While the precise details of the operation remain unknown, Ukraine’s air force shared a triumphant picture of the downed aircraft on July 11th, 2022, on its Twitter account.

Russia has insisted that the damage was accidental and that nothing substantial was lost, but photography from several sources refutes this. At least three structures at the Saki naval airbase in Crimea, the peninsula Russia seized from Ukraine in 2014, looked to have been damaged, in addition to the aircraft.

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Allegedly at least 7 warplanes have been destroyed at the Saki Naval Airbase in Crimea, according to released satellite images.

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