Aug 14, 2022

The Metaverse Future: Are You Ready To Become a God?

Posted by in categories: life extension, robotics/AI

But what I find even more interesting is that as metaverse tools like Nvidia’s Omniverse become more consumer friendly, the ability to use AI and human digital twins will enable us to create our own worlds where we dictate the rules and where our AI-driven digital twins will emulate real people and animals.

At that point, I expect we’ll need to learn what it means to be gods of the worlds we create, and I doubt we are anywhere near ready, both in terms of the addictive nature of such products and how to create these metaverse virtual worlds in ways that can become the basis for our own digital immortality.

Let’s explore the capabilities of the metaverse this week, then we’ll close with my product of the week: the Microsoft Surface Duo 2.

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