Aug 30, 2022

UK’s newest and largest aircraft carrier broke down on the 2nd day of a mission to the US

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In the past two years, it has only been at sea for 90 days.

The Royal Navy’s largest aircraft carrier, HMS Prince of Wales, has broken down near its base of Portsmouth — on day two of its mission to the U.S., Business Insider.

The centerpiece of modern combat fleets, an aircraft carrier is a warship that is equipped with a full-length flight deck and facilities for deploying and recovering aircraft at sea. Since the carrier sails in international waters, it does not interfere with the sovereignty of nations, while also serving as an airbase for staging aerial operations, when required, with rapid response times.

The UK’s newest and biggest aircraft carrier broke down on the second day of what was meant to be a months-long deployment to the US.

HMS Prince of Wales, a £3 billion ($3.5 billion), suffered a mechanical issue Sunday and remains near its base of Portsmouth on the UK’s southern coast.

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