Aug 14, 2022

Xiaomi CyberOne Robot Revealed To Give Tesla Bot A Humanoid Rival

Posted by in categories: cyborgs, robotics/AI, transhumanism

A year after Tesla announced its humanoid robot — the Tesla Bot — the conceptual general-purpose robot is up against some Chinese competition. On the sidelines of Xiaomi’s Autumn launch event in Beijing, the company announced its first full-size humanoid bionic robot. The rather unimaginatively named Xiaomi CyberOne is the second robotic product from Xiaomi and comes a year after the announcement of the Xiaomi Cyberdog, which they showcased at their 2021 Autumn launch event.


Like most other humanoid robots, most aspects of the Xiaomi CyberOne are still “work in progress.” Xiaomi claims that future, evolved variants of the robot will not only have a high degree of emotional intelligence but will also gain the ability to perceive human emotions. Despite the fact that the first-generation CyberOne demoed on stage seemed to have trouble walking, work is underway to improve its ability to master the art of bipedal movement.

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