Sep 13, 2022

7+ Amazing Facts About Dubai’s Palm Islands

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The list of unique architectures in the city keeps growing.

The city has showcased its ability to take on architectural challenges by completing the Palm Jumeirah and keeps unveiling tiny projects along the way, such as the world’s largest Ferris Wheel. So, it is not exactly a moonshot when Dubai thinks of building a Moon styled resort as well.

## What will the resort offer?

Although the details of the project are still scanty, the ambitious project is expected to have an overall height of 735 feet (224 m). Occupying an area of 10 acres or 435,600 sq feet, the resort promises an authentic “lunar colony”.

We do not quite exactly know what that means as of now but reports suggest that the area will offer standard hospitality services such as hotel rooms, wellness center, nightclub, a meeting place and a moon shuttle\.

Dubai could be home to a Moon-themed luxury resort built at an estimated cost of US$5 billion before the end of this decade.

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