Sep 8, 2022

Another 3GW offshore wind project “unveiled” in Australia, with carbon copy proposal

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Things are starting to get a bit strange in the world of the offshore wind industry in Australia. Nothing has been built yet – in fact legislation allowing even a feasibility study is yet to be finalised – but the sheer scale of the proposals is jaw-dropping.

In total, according to RenewEconomy’s own offshore wind map of Australia, nearly 40GW of project proposals scattered around the southern half of the country (the offshore wind resource is not nearly as interesting in the northern part of the island continent) have been unveiled by various developers.

Some 12GW of proposals, and accompanying headlines, have come from a little known Danish outfit called Copenhagen Energy, not to be confused with Copenhagen Infrastructure Partners, which is the biggest shareholder in the country’s most advanced wind project, the 2.2GW Star of the South proposal in Victoria.

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