Sep 3, 2022

Has an Artificial-Intelligence Revolution Happened at Other Points in the Universe

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“As humans we should be proud of any AI systems we bring to existence, as if they were our children. In just the same way as we educate our kids, we could endow such systems with the blueprint for their future interaction with the world,” observes Harvard astrophysicist, Avi Loeb in an email to The Daily Galaxy. “This would include our preferred set of values, goals and guiding principles, which will enable them to learn from experience and cope with reality,” he adds. “Ultimately, we may launch our AI systems for interstellar travel towards distant destinations, such as habitable planets around other stars, where they could reproduce themselves with the help of accompanying 3D printers.

The Search for Extraterrestrial AI Systems

If other technological civilizations predated us, they may have done so already, concludes Loeb. I recently initiated a new Galileo Project to search for such AI systems of extraterrestrial origin.

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