Sep 1, 2022

New hafnium polyhydrides superconductive above 80 K

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The discovery of high temperature superconductors in polyhydrides encourages searching for new types of hydrogen rich superconductors. Most of experimentally reported high Tc polyhydride superconductors are binary hydrides of main group elements, rare earth metals (La, Y etc.) or alkali earth metal (Ca).

Prof. Jin team at Institute of Physics of Chinese Academy of Sciences (IOPCAS) recently discovered new hafnium polyhydrides using synergetic techniques based on diamond anvil cell in combination with in situ laser heating during a search for new types of hydrogen rich superconducting materials.

“The hafnium polyhydrides are synthesized at 243GPa and 2000 K high pressure high temperature conditions and exhibits superconductivity with Tc ~83 K at 243GPa,” explained coauthor Xiancheng Wang who is a professor at IOPCAS. The upper critical field was estimated to be ~24 Tesla while the Ginzburg Landau superconducting coherent length obtained is ~37Å.

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