Sep 27, 2022

Powerful hurricanes get second wind in Europe

Posted by in category: climatology

Stronger hurricanes that are re-energized by jet stream winds are twice as likely to cross the Atlantic and wreak havoc in Europe than weaker ones, new research has found.

Atlantic hurricanes generate international attention because of the destruction they can cause across North America and the Caribbean. Just days ago, ex-hurricane Fiona impacted Canada as one of their strongest storms on record. While lesser-known, these cyclones can also wreak havoc in Europe.

The question of why some hurricanes make it to Europe as ex-hurricanes while others don’t has been unclear. The scientists investigated this question by studying 180 ex-hurricanes over a 40-year period, finding that stronger hurricanes are far more likely to reach Europe, and that those encountering strong jet stream winds often re-intensify, helping them to move further east.

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