Sep 25, 2022

Super Intelligent AI Will Be Out of Human Hands, Says Researchers

Posted by in category: robotics/AI

Unfortunately, researchers think it could be challenging to regulate a super intelligent AI. The explanation is simple: if AI can comprehend information better than humans, our processing power will be limited. We may never be able to govern the super-intelligent AI if we are unable to understand its intellect.

But surely all AI is designed to be human-friendly? Okay, sure. But according to the authors of recent research, if we don’t fully comprehend the scenarios that AI can generate, we cannot design empathy towards humans in artificial intelligence. The authors of the new article contend that we cannot establish rules like “do no harm to humans” until we are aware of the kinds of situations that an AI is likely to encounter. We are unable to impose restrictions once a computer system operates at a level beyond the capacity of our programmers. Researchers quash any hope to stop AI.

This is due to a superintelligence’s multifaceted nature, which makes it potentially capable of mobilizing a variety of resources to accomplish goals that may be beyond human comprehension, let alone being under human control.

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