Sep 4, 2022

The GITAI IN1, an inchworm-type robotic arm

Posted by in categories: robotics/AI, satellites

Demonstration of concept I first developed for The Millennial Project at the turn of the century. Even had the same name.




GITAI developed the GITAI IN1 (Inchworm One), an inchworm-type robotic arm equipped with “grapple end-effectors” on both ends of the arm. This unique feature increases “Capability”, which enables it to connect to various tools (end-effectors) to perform multiple tasks for various applications, and “Mobility”, which enables it to move in any direction. It can also connect/disconnect itself among different vehicles, such as rovers, landers, satellites, etc. In collaboration with the already announced GITAI R1 lunar rover, the GITAI IN1 has successfully completed various tests corresponding to Level 3 of NASA’s Technology Readiness Levels (TRL) in a simulated lunar environment at the JAXA Sagamihara Campus.

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