Oct 22, 2022

I Made a 3D Renderer with just redstone!

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Hey everyone! I upgraded a previous redstone build to support 3D Wireframe Rendering! Thanks everyone who suggested this, it was a lot of fun! bigsmile


0:00 Introduction.
1:00 Defining a Wireframe.
1:36 Building UI and Vertex memory.
3:31 Deriving the Rendering Equations.
8:15 Python Simulator.
9:09 Building the Renderer.
13:32 First successful render!
14:34 Python Schematic Generator.
16:02 Building the Frame Buffer.
17:25 Rotation time!
21:21 Vertex Rotator.
23:06 Final Assembly.
23:49 Showcase.

Big thank you to @Sloimay for miscellaneous help, and of course for writing MCSchematic.

MCSchematic Python Package — https://pypi.org/project/mcschematic/

3Blue1Brown’s Linear Algebra Series — https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PL0-GT3co4r2y2YErbmuJw2L5tW4Ew2O5B

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