Oct 31, 2022

ICON Unveils “House Zero” and Announces 2022 SXSW Activations

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How much did Musk pay for Twitter again? With everything the marketing of anything starts with demand. Was there demand for something better than Facebook and Twitter of course. Was there a demand to buy Twitter no. Kanye lost money but he didn’t lose $44 billion, as Musk probably realizes that $5 billion in yearly revenues isn’t guaranteed, especially if people pull a Kanye…so Musk wants to charge.

What is in demand then? Affordable housing is in demand because rents and inflation keep going up. $44 billion buys a lot of land. $25 Billion is $500 million in 50 states. This would have enabled Musk to spend $25 Billion on land alone. That always increase in value.

New 3D-printed Home Pushes the Boundaries of Resilient and Sustainable Architecture and Design; Official SXSW Event Tours of ICON’s “House Zero” Revealed for March 13–14, 2022.

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