Oct 10, 2022

Scientist FINALLY Discovered First Ever Parallel Universe!

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A billion versions.

What if we told you that you exist in another universe that you are unaware of? While this may sound frightening, it is not impossible to find a perfect copy of yourself or a loved one living in a completely different universe due to the theory of multiple or parallel universes.
However, while some scientists dismiss the theory as fiction, more evidence for the existence of these alternate universes is emerging. What are parallel universes and how do they affect you? All of this and more as we delve into how scientists have finally discovered proof for the existence of parallel universes.
Have you ever wondered if there are other forms of life out there in the universe? Humans have been preoccupied with their questions since time immemorial, but of course, questions like these are why we are humans. Scientists, on the other hand, do much more than ask about other forms of life because some of them have theorized that there may be another universe out there right alongside ours.
Some believe that there may be an endless number of similar universes, which they refer to as parallel universes. This premise appears to be lifted directly from science fiction novels and movies, and there have definitely been many of them over the years to pique the interest of readers and viewers everywhere.
Hugh Everett III, a Princeton university student at the time, proposed the controversial idea of parallel universes or realms that appear exactly like and are connected to our own in 1954. These parallel universes diverge from ours, while our universe diverges from others.
This daring theory has many practical implications because it implies that in parallel universes, world wars may have different outcomes. For example, species such as dinosaurs may have lived in particular parallel universes or are still living there, and humans themselves may have become extinct in certain parallel universes.

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