Oct 13, 2022

Tesla to Build the Future with $10 Trillion Valuation — HyperChange

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Many investors and onlookers are wondering what the future of Tesla’s valuation will look like, especially knowing how the company could revolutionize the world with its products. From electric vehicles to sustainable energy, some have even made the case that Tesla could someday become the world’s largest company — likely shifting the way the world works either way.

How Tesla Hits $10T & Builds The Future. Source: HyperChange

Gali Russell, former EVANNEX contributor and host of YouTube channel HyperChange, recently made a video evaluating the case for how Tesla is likely to eventually hit a $10 trillion market capitalization, changing the world as we know it. The video even gained a stamp of approval from Tesla CEO Elon Musk via a like on Twitter, and it offers one of the best breakdowns of this idea we’ve seen as of late.

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