Oct 18, 2022

The Social Brain Ep.4: Brain Decoding: The Science of ‘Mind Reading’

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Can scientists read your mind and figure out what you’re thinking just by looking at your brain? Well, sort of.

In this episode of The Social Brain with Taylor Guthrie (@The Cellular Republic) and I (@Sense of Mind) talk about a fascinating new area of cognitive neuroscience, called “brain decoding” as well as its counterpart, “brain encoding,” and related topics. It all centers on the question posed above and the future applications, some of which are scary while others are inspiring.

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Videos that we mentioned:
- Breaking the Neural Code (James Haxby talk): https://youtu.be/gl3du4CaALg.
- Kanwisher vs. Haxby Debate: https://youtu.be/u1xTfTPqWmo.
- Decoding Language Representation (Alexander Huth talk): https://youtu.be/rmqzLv089b4
- Engineering Thoughts and Memories (Jack Gallant talk): https://youtu.be/muwIhFLqies.

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