Oct 10, 2022

This podcast brings Steve Jobs back to life, thanks to AI

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In a free-wheeling conversation with Joe Rogan, Jobs talks about Microsoft, Adobe, and much more.

If there was anything that could make a case for how far Artificial intelligence (AI) has come, it would be the ability to converse with the dead. Podcast.ai is a platform that aims to demonstrate this week after week with its in-depth interviews, which began with no one other than Steve Jobs.

The episode does begin with a big disclaimer that the entire conversation has been generated by AI. The podcast maker also taps into the expertise of play.ht, which, according to its webpage, gives one the option of 907 ultra-realistic voices to choose from.



Podcast.ai states that they chose Jobs for their first project due to his impact on the technology world and how he continues to inspire people, much after his death too.

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