Oct 21, 2022

Will People Be Able To Regrow Organs?

Posted by in category: biotech/medical

Will humans be able to grow replacement organs? LyGenesis aims to prove it can be done.

LyGenesis is a biomedical company hoping to deliver a technology that will allow patients to grow functioning organs. If successful the company’s cell therapies will disrupt organ transplantation allowing patients to grow their own. Instead of surgery, a person will do what some amphibians and reptiles do today when they lose a limb or tail.

The company is using the inherent nature of lymph nodes and their evolutionary function, turning them into rapid bioreactors. Our lymph nodes already do this when they produce infection-fighting T-cells. But LyGenesis’ therapies turn donated organ cells into biofactories that can become a source for producing viable organs in multiple patients. The only minimally invasive procedure involved is the engrafting of the cells into a patient’s lymph nodes to begin the process of organ development.

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