Nov 25, 2022

Depth of field and resolution-enhanced integral imaging display system

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Depth of field (DOF) and resolution are mutually restricted in integral imaging (II) display. To overcome the trade-offs, we propose an II display system that simultaneously enhances the DOF and resolution. The system consists of a transmissive mirror device (TMD), a semi-transparent mirror (STM), and two II display units. Each II display unit consists of a 4K display screen and a micro-lens array (MLA). Benefiting from the parallel placement of the TMD and the STM, two central depth planes are reconstructed, which effectively enhances the DOF. Meanwhile, the resolution in the overlapping DOF region is increased to two times due to the interpolation of the light field information from two II display units. The impact of the distance between the two II display units and the TMD on the 3D image quality is analyzed. In geometric optics, a distance between the II two display units and the TMD is optimized to eliminate ghost images. In wave optics, a distance is optimized to eliminate 3D pixel gaps by exploiting the diffraction effect of the TMD. Both the geometric and wave optics are considered simultaneously to obtain a high-quality 3D image without ghost images and 3D pixel gaps. A DOF and resolution-enhanced II display system is developed, and the experimental results verify its feasibility.

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