Nov 26, 2022

In Space-Mengtian Lab Module/Astronauts

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In space — Recent (China Manned Space Agency — No access Chinese mainland) 1. Various of Shenzhou-14 astronaut Cai Xuzhe unpacking packages 2. Various of Shenzhou-14 crew checking facilities, opening boxes and inspecting equipment 3. Shenzhou-14 crew installing and trying out microgravity resistance exercise device 4. Shenzhou-14 astronaut Liu Yang exercising with microgravity resistance exercise device.

The Shenzhou-14 astronauts have completed several missions over the last two weeks, including the installation of equipment in the work area of the Mengtian lab module which they entered for the first time on Nov. 3. Among the scientific and basic living equipment, the astronauts have also set up a small home gym to help them stay fit. The crew members-Chen Dong, Liu Yang and Cai Xuzhe can now keep fit in the lab with a special microgravity resistance exercise device similar to a rowing machine with which astronauts can do squats, heel lifts, hard pulls, rowing and shoulder exercise. Resistance exercise is especially important for astronauts living in zero gravity conditions which can rapidly reduce muscle mass and bone density.

On Sunday, the trio entered the Tianzhou-5 cargo craft to fetch supplies for the Tiangong space station.

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