Nov 21, 2022

MUSHROOMS VS CANCER: Can immune systems fight off cancer when balanced

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By mushrooms…?

People like Nathan have found out first hand that they can. You may have also seen scientists and doctors talking about mycotherapy for serious chronic conditions like cancer and HIV. That’s because many conditions thought of as diseases really have the same cause– an immune system that was unbalanced and compromised by environmental factors or diet.

Certain foods we eat are inflammatory, they boost problematic cells in our body called TH2 cytokines, which cause inflammation, and these cells can cause allergic reactions, auto-immune conditions, and weaken the cancer-fighting TH1 cytokines. When the TH1 cytokines are weakened by inflammatory foods, cancer is allowed to thrive and grow and spread.

But our bodies naturally have the ability to fight diseases and cancers, that’s what our immune system’ does.

The cells responsible for finding and removing cancer in our body, the TH1 cytokines, do this amazingly– but inflammatory foods and environments shut them down and prevent these natural cells from doing their jobs and killing cancerous cells quickly.

The best way to help reverse this process is by eliminating inflammatory foods and using nature’s miracle– mushrooms.

Many mushrooms are immune stimulating and modulating. Mushrooms like the Shiaqga mushroom with a high concentration of beta-glucans help boost the immune systems and support effective T-cell activity.

In the video, Nathan testifies to this like so many thousands of others who have used mycotherapy to help with cancer and other chronic conditions caused by inflammation.

Nathan had stage 4 cancer, he was scheduled for chemo and emergency surgery, but after taking Shiaqga Essential’s Rapid Immune Recovery extract for two months, his chemo and surgeries were cancelled by his doctors because his PET scan showed his tumors were gone.

Nathan’s story isn’t uncommon. In fact, people tell us a similar story just about every day. People are surprised at how well Shiaqga Essentials Rapid Immune Recovery works– it speaks your body’s language, tapping into its innate system of fighting diseases and cancer– the immune system.

Learn more about the wonders of mycotherapy. Check out shiaqgaessentials.com for more information, scholarly articles, peer-reviewed scientific studies, and find out how mycotherapy can help you and your loved ones stay healthy.

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10. Depression and Anxiety Relief.
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