Nov 24, 2022

Nano-robot antibodies that fight cancer enter first human drug trial

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Scientists in Israel have created the first nano-robot antibodies designed to fight cancer. The first human trial for the new nano-robots will start soon, and it will determine just how effective the antibodies are. What is special about these particular antibodies, too, is that they are programmed to decide whether cells surrounding tumors are “bad” or “good.”

The trial is currently underway in Australia and if it goes according to plan, the nano-robot antibodies will be able to fight cells around tumors that can help the tumor while also boosting the capability of the cells inhibiting the growth of the cancerous cells. The antibodies were invented by Professor Yanay Ofran and are based on human and animal antibodies.

The goal of these nano-robot antibodies is to unlock the full potential that antibodies offer, Ofran says. Currently, the use of antibodies in medicine only utilizes a fraction of the capabilities offered by these natural disease fighters. As such, finding a way to maximize their capability has been a long-term goal for quite a while.

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