Nov 8, 2022

NEW MASSIVE Black Hole Near Earth Discovered

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Despite the fact that the Milky Way Galaxy happens to have hundreds of millions of black holes, we have been able to find only a dozen of them. The incognito nature of most black holes have frustrated astronomers as it not only makes it hard to research them but it also makes space a scary space.
These monstrous cosmic entities lurking in the dark could threaten our existence. Imagine how dangerous it would be to discover a gigantic bottomless pit, from which there is no escape, in our neighborhood?

And now we have discovered one of those monster black holes right out of our culdesac at a stone’s throw on the cosmic scale. Even the mere thought of something with such an intense gravitational force that even light cannot escape… so close to us is spine-chilling.

Welcome to Factnomenal, and today’s video talks about a massive black hole discovered in our galactic backyard.

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