Nov 22, 2022

This AI Supercomputer Has 13.5 Million Cores—and Was Built in Just Three Days

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At the time, all this was theoretical. But last week, the company announced they’d linked 16 CS-2s together into a world-class AI supercomputer.

Meet Andromeda

The new machine, called Andromeda, has 13.5 million cores capable of speeds over an exaflop (one quintillion operations per second) at 16-bit half precision. Due to the unique chip at its core, Andromeda isn’t easily compared to supercomputers running on more traditional CPUs and GPUs, but Feldman told HPC Wire Andromeda is roughly equivalent to Argonne National Laboratory’s Polaris supercomputer, which ranks 17th fastest in the world, according to the latest Top500 list.

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