Nov 1, 2022

What Do We Lack To Be A Type 1 Civilization On The Kardashev Scale?

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Watch The Kardashev Scale Type 1: What Would Be Our CIvilization?

A type 1 civilization on the Kardashev scale manages to take advantage of 100% of the energy produced by its planet, control the climate, move continents and even change its planet’s rotation. In this sense, how long does the human race lack to become a type 1 civilization? Are we close to achieving it, or are we still far away?
Ready, let’s start! “Introduction“
The level of technological development of any civilization can be measured mainly by the amount of energy they need. But, it also encompasses the management of that energy and how they use it to develop and grow on their home planet.
Following Kardashev’s definition, a Type I civilization is capable of storing and using all the energy available on its planet; this includes all known electricity generation methods, as well as those that depend on the elements available on the planet, nuclear fusion and fission, geothermal energy, as well as that which they can collect from their star without leaving the planet.
The human race has not yet reached this level of development, but will we ever reach it? And if so, when will we achieve it?
Previously we already made a series of 3 videos in which we address the three types of civilizations that exist according to the Kardashev scale. “Enter here images of the series on the scale of Kardashev.“
But today, we will focus on analyzing why the human race has not yet managed to become a type 1 civilization and how far we need to become one.
The Great Filter.

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00:00 Intro.
1:42 The Great Filter.
4:00 Will we run out of energy one day?
5:18 More efficient energies for human development.
6:35 How to feed billions.
8:34 Surviving our own technology.
9:27 When will we get it?

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