Nov 22, 2022

What is Galactica AI Assistance?

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Large language models have advanced significantly in recent years (LLMs). Impressive LLMs have been revealed one after the other, beginning with OpenAI’s GPT-3, which generates exceptionally correct texts and ends with its open-source counterpart BLOOM. Language-related problems that were previously unsolvable had become simply a challenge for these systems.

All of this progress is made possible by the vast amount of data available on the Internet and the accessibility of powerful GPUs. As appealing as they may sound, training an LLM is an incredibly expensive procedure in terms of both data and technology needs. We’re talking about AI systems with billions of parameters, so feeding these models with enough data isn’t easy. However, once you do it, they give you a stunning performance.

Have you ever wondered where the development of “computing” gadgets began? Why did individuals devote so much time and energy to designing and constructing the first computers? We can presume it was not for the purpose of amusing people with video games or YouTube videos.

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