Dec 8, 2022

Chinese companies claim they have built the world’s biggest 16 MW wind turbine

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It’s claimed to have been created following calls made by Chinese authorities for the independent development of cutting-edge technology.

In East China’s Fujian Province, a huge offshore wind turbine with the world’s largest per-unit capacity has come off the assembly line, according to China’s China Three Gorges Corporation (CTG). According to CTG, the 16-megawatt wind turbine boasts the world’s longest impeller diameter of 827-foot (252 meters), the lightest per megawatt weight, and a 480-foot (146-meter) hub, which is equivalent to the height of a 50-story structure.

The turbine, jointly created by CRG and Xinjiang Goldwind Sci & Tech Co., Ltd.


CTG and Goldwind believe the 16MW unit is the highest-rated generator ever built. Its enormous rotor diameter provides a 50,000-meter swept area that can generate enough electricity to power 36,000 households annually, CTG claim.

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