Dec 13, 2022

Dance of the scrotal worms documented on video

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Two doctors at the Max Super Specialty Hospital in India has documented the filarial dance of scrotal worms on video. In the video, the undulations of live worms residing in a male patient’s scrotum can be seen.

The began as a 26-year-old man came to the hospital complaining of testicular pain. He told them it was associated with swelling of his scrotum and had been bothering him for approximately one month. He also had a slight fever. Suspecting some type of parasite, the doctors first examined the man using ultrasound after which they extracted some of the fluid that had built up in the scrotum for inspection by lab techs. They also took for the same purpose.

The lab tests showed a large number of absolute eosinophil in the and the ultrasound showed anechoic tubular channels along with an absence of color flow. Additionally, echogenic, linear structures could be seen moving around inside one of the channels—an activity the doctors described as a filarial dance.

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