Dec 16, 2022

Gates and Bezos back Neuralink-competitor Synchron in a new funding

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Many investors are jumping to inject money into the startup.

Bill Gates and Jeff Bezos-backed foundations (Gates Frontier and Bezos Expeditions) have joined other companies in investing $75 million in Synchron, the endovascular brain-computer interface (BCI) company, according to a press release by the organization published on Thursday. This is a Series C financing round led by ARCH Venture Partners that brings the total amount raised since inception to $145 million.

Many investors on board.

Additional companies investing are Reliance Digital Health Limited, Greenoaks, Alumni Ventures, Moore Strategic Ventures, and Project X join ARCH as new additional investors.

Synchron through Business Wire.

The funding will serve to support and promote the development of Synchron’s first platform product (Synchron Switch BCI), as well as the beginning of a pivotal clinical trial.


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  1. Dearest bezos & Gates even Elon. Neuralink stopped! The brain is not a computer!!
    Is way more than that
    Humans being valuable! You are not helping in medical field as noble with Neuralink there’s a lot others ways to invest and make money.Reputation is important I thing so!
    As example Implanting a heart in human being from one to one studies shows how it has huge impact for the one who care it even emotionally, and do not survive a while! So do not even though about the because is way complicated than you thought and humans being are not rats for failure experiences . You are each upgrading the features of your Businesses as an approve the taste of perfection is way far. No anyone of you want to make dirty money talking about Neurology!! FDA you stop you to as well !
    The innovationd in medicine take decades to come up with full complete studies !
    Neuralink is Red line for anyone.