Dec 19, 2022

Project Liftoff: The Future Of Robot Combat is AI. This Is Havoc Episode 4

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Father son duo Jim and Andrew Kazmer build and drive one of the most exciting and best supported robots at NHRL in Project Liftoff.

They’ve further developed this into a second bot in Flip n Cut with a variation in weapon type and have pushed the limits of innovation with their fully autonomous combat robot DeepMelt.

How does a fully autonomous robot work, and how will it assist human drivers in future?
What is a Meltybrain, how does it work?
Why is the choice of wheel so important?
Will we see a 250lb Project Liftoff?

Find out in the episode 4 of This Is Havoc: Liftoff.

NHRL is the biggest and most accessible robot combat league in the world, home of the 3lb, 12lb and 30lb robot combat world championships.

We are one of the toughest places to win, but also one of the most friendly and welcoming for all ages and experience.

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