Dec 14, 2022

The Power Of Seeing Beyond The Capabilities Of The Human Eye

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The different colors that we can see are based on different wavelengths of light. The human eye can detect and differentiate wavelengths in three bands (red, green, and blue) covering the range from 450 to 650 nanometers, but we cannot see light from the hundreds of other bands of light that exist outside of that range. There is a technology called hyperspectral imaging that can give an enhanced view of what is going on in the world around us. There are specialized cameras that separate up to 300 bands of light with prisms and then digitize the energy they are detecting on a wavelength-specific basis. These cameras have a huge range of potential applications.

The human eye can only see three primary color bands (red, green, blue). There are hundreds of more bands and with enhanced hyperspectral camera technology there are many valuable applications.

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