Dec 12, 2022

Video: The humanoid robot CyberOne is playing a drum set without missing any beat

Posted by in category: robotics/AI

Don’t worry, human drummers. It won’t take your job.

One of the best qualities of talented drummers is to be able to show all their dexterity by staying in the metronome beats. Xiaomi should be aware of this because the humanoid bot it produces is on its way to becoming a rock star.

Chinese consumer electronics company Xiaomi introduced CyberOne in August and shared a fresh video of it playing drums. Slow for now, but it can stay on the beat.

It is able to accurately coordinate a variety of intricate movements, such as slapping the drumsticks together, tapping the cymbals, using the foot pedal, and using a set of four drums to produce a variety of sounds.

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